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GH-FS Hosting started its career in 1996 by selling irc servers for mIRC, the chat program at the time. Over time, he created web pages for his customers due to the need for web pages. After the demand increased, it started to set up and test its own web servers.

The company previously created its own web servers in its own office with its own resources. Afterwards, as a result of increasing security requirements, it moved its web servers to 100% secure datacenters and achieved both internet speed, high security and uninterrupted connection opportunities.

It started to have web servers in locations such as America, Germany, England and Turkey. Since GH-FS Hosting Customers are mostly in the European continent, it has located web servers in Germany-based datacenters.

GH-FS Hosting has stayed away from being a public hosting company as it consistently serves its own customers.
However, due to increasing demands, it started to offer public web hosting services through a web server.

Always giving importance to customer satisfaction, GH-FS hosting has never needed too many customers. It has always adopted the satisfaction of existing customers as a principle, and the number of customers has naturally increased as a result of customers' advice to each other.

Gh-Fs hosting continues its way with reliable steps.